{YE Look Book} Le Jacquard Francais Fall 2013

The Le Jacquard Francais Fall 2013 Collection illustrates the facets and glinting light of diamonds and pendants against a backdrop of pure linen, revisits the traditional equestrian theme, and breathes fresh life into the winter holidays with their limited edition Holiday 2013 cloth.

Manege has elegant silhouettes of horses and riders parading around a center panel as though circling a carousel, their path marked out with saddle stitching and a geometric border. The entire tablecloth is framed with horses, saddles, bridles, roundels, and spurs sketched with black strokes, which gives the piece an incredibly chic look.

Get the Look ... Le Jacquard Francais Manege Sand

Get the Look ... Le Jacquard Francais Manege Straw

Sous la Neige is inspired by forests and mountain chalets. Images of Christmas boughs and pinecones, foliage and cross-stitched patterns are woven into these cloths.

Diamant has spellbinding patterns of light playing across pure linen with a rosette of gems and pendants set into a Baroque frame.

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