{on my Own} Finding Your Style

As a college student, I vividly remember a trip to a big box store organized by Loyola's office of 'First Year Experiences'.  The RA's loaded us onto a bus in hopes of helping new roommates bond and get the necessary supplies our parents forgot to drop us off with.  My new roommate and I wandered the aisles and we ended up in the home goods section.  We already had everything we needed but we couldn't help but indulge in purchasing that extra thing that would make our dorm room the coolest! (I got pillows.)  Fast forward a few years and those once precious treasures are now either packed up in boxes, or were tossed out long ago.

The other day I roamed the aisles of my local big box store once more and I noticed how easy it was to put together a room by simply picking out a box for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.  While that was perfect for my college days (when I didn't know what style was); today, I realize that there is no fun or freedom in allowing big box retailers to decide for me what my style should be, especially when most of these are trends.  I went home and looked at how many things I had purchased from a big box store, not even giving it a second thought to how it fits my style, or if it will be able to grow with me over the years. (the answer is No).

Style is defined as a "manner of doing something fashionable" and a Trend is "of the moment."  Trends are not a static part of any personality.  They change, and pretty often at that.  I am realizing that it isn't worth it to continuously spend to have the newest trend, because it isn't a lasting style.

Style isn't something that can be put in a box. Style takes time to evolve and patience to cultivate.  Will that bed in a bag be durable and last? (Mine got a hole in it from the washing machine).  Will that big box set of pans really be non-stick? (Mine were not for long).  And do you really need all those throw pillows? (Well yes ... but not those ones!).

As I look back on all the hard earned money I spent at my local big box retailer, I really do not have much to show for it.  While it was a good deal at the time, its economical value fades when another has to be purchased shortly thereafter because it doesn't have staying power (in quality or style).  As I move into my mid-twenties, my style is evolving past the trends of now and into forming my own lasting style.  I am ready to invest in home goods that have staying power (quality and style).

What is my style you ask?  Well, my favorite color is light blue and I like to combine it with white and black.  I like old things, right angles, and all things equestrian.

On My Own is a guest blog written by me, Lauren a 24 year old who is figuring out what it takes to be on my own.  As a 2010 graduate, I have been through three different living situations and numerous jobs!  However, through it all I am learning exactly what it takes to make it all on my own.  Follow me as I share my experiences, adventures and lessons yet to come as I continue to make it on my own!

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