{Foodie 60631} Kenosha Harbor Farmers Market

A road trip to the Kenosha Harbor Farmers Market was one of those OMG surprises!

This framers market is set on the scenic Lake Michigan shoreline in Kenosha, Wisconsin and is a European style farmers market with local growers, micro-farmers, hobby farmers, bakeries and more.  A cool, crisp sunny morning, with waves hitting the shoreline in the background of picturesque stalls, who wouldn't be enamored.

My haul included multiple varieties of heirloom tomatoes, a dozen different varieties of garlic and shallots (yes, there was a micro-farmer who only grew and sold garlic and shallots), the most fragrant squash blossoms I've ever seen, musk melons that could be smelled from yards away and just drew you to the stall with their intoxicating aroma, and sweet corn that you could also smell as you walked by. Yes, fragrant corn, that's a first!  And then there was the organic eggs picked in the morning before the stall opened.  And, large home-style cinnamon rolls ... I could go on and on.    To say that my extra-large travel cooler was stuffed to the rim would be an understatement.

The squash blossoms will become a tart.  The tomatoes will become multiple Caprese salads.  Corn chowder is on tonight's menu.  And the melon, well, that didn't make it past breakfast.  Check back later to see what else is on the menu.  And, if you have the opportunity to visit this Farmer's Market, make sure your trunk is empty!

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