{dirt 60631 } A Green Winter Day

{dirt 60631} chronicles Yvonne's garden journey in a Zone 5, Chicago city lot.

So here I sit staring out the window, wanting, waiting to get out.  After all, the garden is green and orange and red and pink, and the calendar says June 30th.  But, it's another green winter day outside.  Not so cold that you can't venture out; too hot and so humid you don't even dare open the door (that is unless you like walking into an oven).

So here I sit staring in both disbelief and amazement, looking for signs of crying plants in need of rescue.  But rescue how?  This weather has come earlier (yes, I believe it is due to changing weather patterns, global warming, YES!) than even last year and this is already our third event.  To water mid-day is wasteful and ineffective at relieving the stress.  To erect temporary shading from the desiccating sun and wind is undoable and over the top, even for me.  Although, Larry is convinced I'm still trying to come up with some engineering marvel that he will have to help execute.

So here I sit staring out the window, taking in the view.  The lilies are at their peak, a splash of cool pink swaying in the hot sun.  A hummingbird is dining on the orange flowers of the honeysuckle vine.  The aruncus flowers have dried and browned in the hot west wind.  There, too, is promise for tomorrow.  Daylily buds have swelled, like zucchini, in the heat, just waiting to pop; and, the hosta are getting ready to show their purple petticoats.

The life of a gardener.

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