{dirt 60631} Garfield Park Conservatory

{dirt 60631} is a pictorial journal of Yvonne's garden journey in a Zone 5, Chicago city lot.

The Garfeild Park Conservatory is a gem in the Chicago Park District System.  Constructed between 1906 and 1908, it was designed by Jen Jensen in collaboration with Prairie School architects Schmidt, Garden and Martin.  Their intent was to create the largest publicly owned conservatory under one roof in the world; and, they definitely succeeded with this 2 acre greenhouse!  Jensen conceived the Conservatory as a series of naturalistic landscapes under glass.  The structure, which is meant to emulate the haystacks of the Midwest, complements the collection of palms and ferns magnificently.

The Palm House is the largest room in the Conservatory and features more than 70 graceful, and old palms (some with the most interesting bark) as well as other tropical plants from across the globe.

The Fern Room was designed by Jensen to give visitors a glimpse of what Illinois might have looked like millions of years ago.  Lush ferns, rocky outcroppings and and indoor lagoon evoke the swampy landscape of prehistoric Chicago.  This is a fern lovers ( ... and moss lovers) heaven.  WOW! is all I can really say.

Finally, The Aroid House contains many varieties of houseplants growing in a landscape setting around the "Persian Pool" which features sixteen yellow lily pads, which were created by the world acclaimed glass artist Chihuly.  This magical lily pond is eye catching and totally unexpected among the greenery ... the yellow lily pads and the orange koi just grab your eye.

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  1. I'm putting this place on my bucket list... photos are excellent!