{dirt 60631} destination, Hornbaker Gardens

{dirt 60631} is a pictorial journal of Yvonne's garden journey in a Zone 5, Chicago city lot.

I should have a bumper sticker that says "Beware, this vehicle stops for plants!"  If I see a sign 'Plant Sale', its a stop.  And, from April thru September, a day trip plant hunting is a common occurrence.  A favorite day trip is a 2.5 hour drive to Hornbaker Gardens in Princeton, Illinois.

Hornbaker Gardens specializes in hostas (over 200+ varieties) and day lilies (500+ varieties) and has amazing display gardens laid out thru ravines and what was once corn fields.  In the display gardens you can see full size hostas at their finest mixed in with ferns and other perennials.  And, if you visit in early July, the day lily fields are blazing with color; not to mention that you can walk the fields and purchases day lily clumps right from the field.  No guessing on color or size here!  For day lilies, it doesn't get any better than this.

above.  Over 200+ hosta varieties organized by size from miniature to gargantuan.

above.  Day lily fields in full bloom in mid-July where you walk the fields and pick out clumps for sale.  How does one chose?  The car and the garden just aren't big enough!

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