{dirt 60631} an Unexpected Moment

{dirt 60631} is a pictorial journal of Yvonne's garden journey in a Zone 5, Chicago city lot.

Sometimes my garden has unexpected moments ...times I just stare in surprise and amazement and shake my head.  My garden has not only become an artistic outlet, but it has also become a habitat.  In my city lot habitat, I have watched the Robins and Gold Finches raise their young, teach them to forage for seed and worm, and to bath in the sprinkler.  I have, with nervous trepidation, watched the rabbits have families (yes plural, they have more than one group of babies a season) only to dine on my plants.  And the bees, the butterflies and the cicadas also find my garden home.  Here a cicada nymph has crawled out of the ground and mounted the top of a coneflower to shed its skin and take flight into the trees.

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