{dirt 60631} Summer Blooms

{dirt 60631} is a pictorial journal of Yvonne's garden journey in a Zone 5, Chicago city lot.

No drought + no string of high temperatures = fabulous borders.  In fact, this has been one of the best garden years in recent history. One Chicago zone 5 lot = lush growth, vibrant colors and amazing blooms.

above.  The parkway in mid-June with a sea of blue and purple flowers from Salvia 'May Night', Catmint 'Walker's Low', and Amsonia 'Blue Ice' edged with boxwoods.  In the foreground is a slowly maturing variegated Pagoda Dogwood, Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea'.

above.  The entrance to the backyard in early July with Centaurea macrocephala, Daylily 'Baja' (rescued from a construction site), Veronica 'Red Fox', and a tall variety of catmint that I have lost the name for but its a Goldfinch magnet.

above.  The back border in full bloom with Astilbe visions, heirloom day lilies that came with the garden over 20+ years ago, and Hydrangea paniculata 'Unique'. 

above. Another view of the back border with yellow heirloom day lilies, Hydrangea paniculata 'Unique', and the large Hosta sieboldii 'Elegens'.

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