{foodie 60631} Little Miss Sweet Pea's Farm Market

In my continuing obsession with local Farmer's Markets and Farm Stands, I discovered Little Miss Sweet Pea's in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  Over the course of the past year I have been making pilgrimages to Little Miss Sweet Pea's, a home grown Farmers Market Co-op who proudly supports local farmers and growers, for fresh, locally made (and I mean amazing) butter.  Their butter is churned from cream from a local creamery and has a higher butterfat content than any other butter I've used.  It makes unbelievable sauces; and, when used with their farm fresh eggs, pastries and tart shells are to die for! -- butterfat and bright, yellow yolks make a huge difference.

On a recent trip, I hauled home beefsteak tomatoes (one pounders for sure), grape tomatoes, and Mirai sweet corn.  Now, I'm not usually a corn fan; but this corn changed me ... you can eat it right off the cob raw!  It is sweet, a little savory and not at all the starchy, stick to your teeth glue you usually get.  Its destined for a great corn chowder.  And the grape tomatoes ... they will be roasting away to intensify their flavor and well, turn them into candy.

Check back later to see the next foodie travel spot. And, if you have the opportunity to visit Little Miss Sweet Pea's make sure to bring a cooler!

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