{YE Look Book} Garnier Thiebaut Spring 2014 Collection

The Garnier Thiebaut Spring 2014 Collection looks to inspirations from the 60's and reinterprets patterns and colors for a spirited lifestyle.

Garnier Thiebaut Flanerie Coral is a unique fusion of grey, beige and coral that elicits a warm summer feel. Imagine a Sunday walk in the park, flowers, garden vases, birds and joy.

The Garnier Thiebaut Mille Mica Collection is inspired by life during the 60’s. Like a printing by Paul Klee, Mille Mica combines subtle lines and fish drawings. The bright colors bring contrast and character to your table.

The Garnier Thiebaut Mille Batik Collection is an abstraction of images that is both modern and playful.

Need even more of a Garnier Thiebaut? View the entire Garnier Thiebaut Collection.

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