{Foodie 60631} Overland Park Farmers' Market

I should have a bumper sticker warning that I stop for Farmers' Markets and Road Side Farm Stands.  While in Kansas City, I happened upon the Overland Park Farmers' Market.  And, of course, even in the pouring rain I had to stop.

This market is held under a roofed pavilion and features many micro farmers from across eastern Kansas and western Missouri, as well as a great supply of stands featuring local meats and eggs.  Yes, this is the middle of Beef Country and the beef is fabulous.

My haul included a heirloom variety of small pears, baby eggplants and zucchini varieties I've never seen, multiple varieties of beautiful red, yellow and orange peppers, late season sweet corn, and more garlic to feed this summers garlic obsession.  Who would have known there were so many varieties of garlic out there.

My family teased me for coming to Kansas City with an empty cooler in the trunk.  However, dad knew it wouldn't be coming home empty!  The pears are becoming a poached pear dessert.  And those peppers, I'm experimenting with pickling.  Check back later to see what else is on the menu.  And, if you have the opportunity to visit this Farmer's Market, make sure your trunk is empty!

The Overland Park Farmers' Market runs April thru November in the picturesque downtown area of Overland Park, Kansas.

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