{color beat} Tangerine Tango

As we slip into the depths of summer, keep cool by bringing a touch of tangerine to your home.  One of the hottest colors making a big splash this summer is tangerine.  Not only is tangerine a delicious fruit, its color also brightens up any room.  We've put together 5 picks to kick start your summer tangerine tango!

  1. Stop sizzling in the sun! With the Le Creuset Square Skillet in Flame you can bring the fire inside!  Add the Panini Press to the mix and now you have more than just color, you have delicious sandwiches.
  2. Bring sizzle to the table with the Le Jacquard Francais Argentine Tangerine Collection.  Tangerine napkins or placemats add an easy splash of color.
  3. Add a statement chair. The Bend Farmhouse Chair has great color and form!  It is sure to start a conversation about its design.  This chair is also versatile and can be used inside or out.
  4. Paint an accent wall Tangerine Zing.  This easy, economical style change incorporates this trendy color into you home.  Don't want to paint it all?  A nifty DIY trick is to take a cork board, paint it tangerine and hang it up.  You can use it to put photos on or even kids art.  It gives a dash of color with function.
  5. Shed light on the color.  The Jamie Young Jardin Table Lamp is a work of art.  A textured mercury glass base combined with a tangerine silk shade.  Very stylish ... and, oh so very cool!

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