Trending Now ... the Country Estate Collection

Juliska's newest introduction is a perfect fusion of age-old decorative techniques with unrivaled modern functionality. The Country Estate Collection celebrates the English countryside. Each piece of this distinctive dinnerware features a different element of English architecture, landscape, or activity. This dinnerware can easily be layered with other dinnerware to create a unique table setting and is sure to be a must have for the stylish entertainer.

With every course, you take a step further on a charming narrative of English country life, with a different enchanting scene on each piece illustrating its romantic architecture, bustling activities, and grand vistas.

The Country Estate Platter is a stately show-stopper and conveys the virtues of home and hospitality. Use it to proudly display your culinary adventures, from the casual Friday night chicken for two, to your famous Christmas roast for ten.


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