{in the Garden} Sunshine and warmth from HortVille

It's January in Chicago ... -3 degrees outside, an inch of ice on the ground from last weeks ice storm (that's on top of the 6 inches of snow already on the ground), its been gray for weeks and no hopes of sunshine in the 7 day forecast. Just when you think all is lost, the mailbox brings warmth and sunshine in the form of the Plant Delights Nursery 2011 Florabook.

Every year I look forward to this catalog with anticipation. Not only is it a great resource for plants that are not easily found elsewhere, it is also A TERRIFIC READ! This year Tony Avent has outdone himself with Hortville and a spoof on Facebook ... who doesn't want to be friends with Jack in the pulpit (after all I grow 6 varieties in my own garden) and visit HortVille?

I now have a Spring in my step as I plan this year's acquisitions and where I am going to squeeze them in. Then there's the wish list of 'If only I could grow this in my zone'. And of course, planning the annual pilgrimage to one of his open houses.
Check out Plant Delights and let me now what's on your wish list ... Spring is only 6 weeks away. Hope you Enjoy! -- Yvonne

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