{in the Garden} The First Blossoms of Spring

This will be our second season of from My Garden and it is starting off with a splash of color ... all shades of blue that is. The snow has melted, the leaves have been raked away, and a few days of sunshine and 70's has produced a carpet of Scilla by the hundreds if not thousands ... who can count. These little flowers bloom their hearts our in early Spring before the leaves burst onto the scene. The fuzzy bumble bees, in their glory, are busy from one flower to the next; and before you know it, thousands of seeds are produced waiting to fall to the ground in June and add to next year's bounty. Industrious little flowers and bees they are.

This patch, in the shade garden under the maple tree, has been ten years in the making and this year promises to be the best yet! By June these spring ephemerals will have died back and given the ground over to the hosta and ferns. And yes, that is a 5' red, white & blue rooster created from salvaged metal drums ... every garden needs some art!

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