{in the Garden} The First Act of the Flowering Tree Show

With this crazy warm weather, the Magnolia trees are in full bloom two weeks early. Early morning walks thru the neighborhood are filled with the the spicy scent of the Saucer Magnolias with their large pink blossoms. Their flowers are fleeting but the joy they bring for the few days (in good weather that is) they bloom is incredible ... it just lifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face. Last year I planted four magnolia trees which were suppose to spread out the magnolia bloom season. The first to bloom is the Leonard Messel ... alas last week's quarter size hail took the blossoms completely off of the tree; no blooms this year. Then comes the Royal Star (pictured below). This was planted to replace a 20 year old Pagoda Dogwood that died due to canker last fall. Somewhat protected by the brick wall, it managed to keep some of its blossoms intact after the hail storm. While the flowers are scattered, next year has the promise of a large white snowball. Then their is the Dr. Merrill Magnolia (pictured above). These baseball size flowers have the scent of jasmine. Planted outside the window, it is currently perfuming the house as I write ... oh, the joy of it!! And last to bloom with no blossoms thanks to the hail is Jane. She promises the beauty of large purple-pink blossoms in the future, hail permitting that is. Enjoy!

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